The Vile of Self-Righteousness

Another beautiful canvas the Lord has painted today. I had the wonderful privilege of teaching Sunday School in Church from the book of Luke chapter 15. The famous Prodigal Son parable taught us that regardless of the barriers in our lives there is nothing that can keep us from the Love of God. Paul reminds us in Romans Chapter 8 that not even the deepest ocean and highest mountain can prevent us from entering into God’s Grace. The Older brother in Luke 15 reminds us that there is no rejoicing for the self-righteous. In our lives self-righteous manifest itself in many ways. Including, not praying or fasting, not reading the Sacred Word of God or trusting God with all our lives. In addition to the lack of sharing the Gospel as well as not seeking sinners to lead them into repentance. The self-righteous person sees no need for a Savior because he is an independent unteachable operator of self. He longs for peoples approval and is jealous even at the smallest things. Yet, worst of all he does not rejoice when a lost brother returns to his Father and is renewed.


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