The Useful Vessel: A Weak and Lowly Spirit

It was a cool and wet Saturday morning. As if that were not discouraging enough I woke up much latter then usual and that really threw my entire day off. I like to keep my days orderly and neat that way I can get more work done. So it is a big deal for me.

Saturdays I go out to share the Gospel with my community. I was determined not to let this day bog me down but immediately I was overcome by a lack of usefulness for God. I am sure you have all been there. You lack the conviction that only the Holy Spirit can give and you just feel unable to do God’s mission because your just not feeling it. At-least that was how I felt.

I knew however, that regardless of how I felt there was no reason why I could not make myself share the good news. After all feelings are not reasons. After a week of prayer and knowing that my friends were praying for me as well I knew that God would do something great. I felt weak and knew more clearly then other days that if anything were going to happen it was going to be all on God’s part.

I stepped out expecting not to see many people out on this rainy day. Yet, God was going to teach me that through my weakness I am made strong (2 Corinthians 2:10). I was an empty and useless vessel before God but it pleased Him to fill me with His Spirit and use me for His glory. Thankfully, I shared the gospel with two men. Another gentlemen was not interested. Nevertheless, what a harvest the Lord had planted. One of the men was interested in attending my Church to learn more. And the other was a Catholic man and I got to encourage Him with the Gospel and a verse that comes from John 8:31, which says something like, abide/continue in my word then you are truly one of His disciples. I ended up having a great time and experiencing awesome joy. There is something about doing what God has called you to do that satisfies the soul because God is working for the advancement of His Kingdom.

After I cam home I realized that over the past year God seems to use us to His full ability if we are weak like children. Our weaknesses display our dependency upon God and manifests our hopelessness. A servant of Christ who is not willing to pour out his life and allow God to fill him with His strength is handicapping himself. Let us have the heart of a child. Like a child they have a healthy appetite for food and milk (especially nap time). So our desire and appetite should be for the pure milk of the Word seeking God’s provisions and emptying ourselves out daily (1 Peter 2:2).


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