Why a blog? Why writing?

Journal entry Thursday May 9, 2013.

By: Josiah Durfee

Whenever it has been a few days away since I have last written in this little journal I usually get the conviction to pick up my pen again and start writing. I love writing. It is really unlike anything that I do. After all we are story creatures constructing new plots to our lives each day. There really is nothing like going through barrels of ink. There are so many  avenues that I can take. I can think hard for a minute or two to come up with a better word to convey what it is I am trying to say or take the short cut. Writing is like strategy or a game of chess. It is hard and it is more frustrating when you always loose.

Can one ever win in writing?

When the chessboard is before oneself it is hard not to feel contempt towards the player across for you. It is a battle of the mind. It is a battle to see who has the better mind. Who is smarter? The difference between winning and loosing is if one has prepared himself better. The difference is made even more acute if you lack a creative mind. How can you get the other player to move there, and the words to say something well? Every writer must have the desire to say something/write something timeless. The problem is being able to build it. In my mind there are great stories and beautiful sentences but I am unable to access them in my words. My own devices trap me.

My ability to command the words that I want to say is distressing. How can I control my sentences and form them into a beautiful stream. Or like a rushing waterfall off a mountain like Paradise Falls.

With a sigh, “Why is writing this journal entry so difficult?”

There are so many questions that I have, is writing all about the rules? Can one know everything about writing and be a terrible writer? Why am I even writing? I am determined to overcome this beast. After all no one is going to read this journal (I guess only a few entries) there must be other reasons. I want to write more so that I can write better. I want to write about the great and the small, the extraordinary and minute and capture it in an arrow and shot it on paper. I want to write a piece with force, a piece that will change peoples lives and see the beauty in life. And above all in all my pieces I desire to glorify God with my writing! This is my goal, my target and I will continue to write until I am there and then I will keep writing. Until the time comes for God to call me home.


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