Only when we are low can we be lifted up!

New post coming soon. I have been really busy with work and filling in for other people. I love the Prodigal Son. It is a beautiful story of God’s delirious joy over lost and repented sinners who desperately need Christ. In contrast to the self-righteous older brothers inability to experience that same joy over a lost brother. Self righteousness displays itself in a lack of dependence on God. Praying to God. Reading Gods Word. Fasting. And Sharing the Gospel with one thing in mind: To pursue intimacy with God. Nothing else. Not gain, not money, not wealth, not popularity, not friends family, job advantages, not material things, but God and only God. Is Jesus enough for you?


Taking up the shield of Faith: A Christian reads “god is not Great” by Christopher Hitchens

I was reading some reviews of this book and one review went like this, “it is likely that Christians will not read this book.” I guess that would make him wrong. I have finally received the book after a mix up on my debit card number from amazon but it is here and I look forward to read what Christopher Hitchens has written. Be encouraged.

 ImageMen can win battles, and they may also be won by wit. It is also said that the side with the most money will have the advantage. However nothing can be true of certain victory if one knew exactly what the other team was doing. In all strategy games and (lets face it, some) gambling games, if I know what the other person is thinking (like Chess) or what cards the other person had in a game of Texas hold’em there is no doubt of victory. Well reality is no game but a real battlefield. There are the good guys and the bad guys. The victory has already been won but the battle for lost souls remains in the balance. In a culture today where Christians are leaving there shields at home and fighting with their sword only; we are being slaughtered. We have not looked at the issues face to face and it is time that we took up the shield and defend ourselves from the arrows of darkness. I am reading this book to look at the hard questions to defend my faith with the shield of faith and for the lives of those who need to hear that the Christian faith is not a leap into irrationality but a step into reality. Please remember me in prayer as I read this book and remember if God is for us who can be against us! 

A Christian Reads “god is not Great”


I have not bought the book but I plan on reading Christopher Hitchens “god is not Great.” I have read a few chapters of it and have been interested in his arguments against God but I will read it once again and go through it again taking notes and critique it as best I can. I will share hopefully an equal, robust and clear defense against Hitchens claims against religion. For many of you who may not know Christopher Hitchens he is still, despite his death in 2011, a leading voice against the Christian faith through his writings and speeches. He has debated bishops, priest, and including our number one heavy weight champion for the faith William Lane Craig. Keep on reading for my progress and reviews and remember me in your prayers.