The First Time I was Certain of My Calling:

Journal Entry: May 21, 2011.

By Josiah Durfee

It was a regular Friday Morning in AP Bio. The substitute teacher told us that it was our last day to work on our dissection projects. Everyone else had the cool animals like a shark and a pig. I had a lousy fish. All of us had to finish our PowerPoint presentations so we all ended up sitting in the computer room in the back of the room. I took my seat away from everyone else so I would not get distracted. However as other classmates began to file into the room as the class period was passing by, a friend of mine sat on one side and the other not so close. I continued working on my computer and as strange as it was for me Brittney (not her real name) asked me to tell her something about the Bible. “What?!?!” Brittney was the one I did not know well. She did not believe in God, intelligent though and to put it mildly she did whatever she felt like doing. She was the last person I ever expected to listen to me tell her about the Word of God and His mercy. I didn’t even know she knew I was a Christian who may have known anything about the Bible. But there it was, a simple question. Oh what could I tell her? There were thousands of thoughts racing in my mind. I was so perplexed and dumb founded by her asking me this question I did not know what to say. Today, I swear that it was the Lord who gave me words to speak. He provided for me. When the words left my mouth forming sentences that I did not put together fully until hearing them like it was the first time I told her about what happens to Christians who believe in God when we die.

I happened to have my Bible with me and I pulled it out of my pocket to support what I was saying. “That’s interesting,” she said, “Do you always carry your Bible with you.” I remained calm and tried not to boast in my good timing and preparation in which today I for some reason had my Bible by my side. But what she did next really amazed me. She asked if she could read it. To my surprise again I gave it to her and she completely stopped her work and spent the majority of the class period reading it. By this time of course the fire of God in me started burning uncontrollably and setting ablaze to all my organs the pure joy I had in the Lord. How Great is our God! I’m not even finished though. As the clock ticked on she closed my Bible, handed it back and began asking me more questions. And by the works of Christ she finally asked me, “So Josiah, how does one get saved?” I stopped there for only a second or two just to acknowledge what God was doing right now. In my head I must have been thinking, “OHH MY GOODNESS!” Astonished as I was, I could hardly speak. The mission was not over and I told her the Gospel. We stayed long past the class was over, almost as if the bell had not even rung and despite other students telling me to stop she encouraged me to ignore them and share her this living water. We left late to our next class and even though she did not make a confession it is to God’s Glory and power and goodness that is in His name Christ Jesus. There is nothing good in me but Christ who is alive and working in those who love Him.


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