Familiar Faces: (Part 1)

Many students spend their spring break enjoying every last second until school starts up again. I remember hearing in Chapel my fall year about this class called RTN (Revive this Nation). This class gives students the opportunity to go out and preach in any church that God calls them to in America. And yes I mean anywhere. One student went to Hawaii and this year we had at least one student in every state this year. The whole trip was paid for and upon completion the students would get three credits. It was also during spring break. I thought about it briefly for a minute or two. That is, there was no way I could ever see myself standing behind a pulpit to preach. Forget about the fact that I would have to speak in front of people. That was the last of that.

I flew in for Christmas break and lead a family Bible study that eventually grew to a few others outside the group. The Bible study was great and extremely refreshing.

I flew back to school and registered for my classes. Full course load and I was looking forward to another exciting year. I do not remember when it happened exactly but I felt immediately that I needed to sign up for RTN. God was calling me and despite that I was freaking out. I hardly can recall the events leading up to the interview but they did say that the registration for this class should have closed the first week of December. That was almost two months ago. I was the last person registered. There was a problem though. “We don’t have a church for you” the man said.

Well that was not what I expected. He gave me two choices and apparently I was not the only one waiting for more churches to register. One, I could wait and hope for a few churches to register while preparing the sermons. Two, I could wait next year. Well nothing was coming up and I kept going to the classes. Two weeks go by and finally a church pops up but I’m on the bottom of the list. I do not know how many people were before me but they all stepped out.

“Josiah I have a Church for you!!”

I was half expecting that I would not get to go. After all this is my second semester at Southwestern and I didn’t think I could preach. I knew prayer was the only way to go and fortunately I was not the only one who thought that. There were literally thousands of people praying for us all across Texas and America and if you know how big Texas is its practically another country.


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