Are You in or Out?

Superman’s alter ego is Clark Kent. Batman’s alter ego is Bruce Wayne. Ironman’s alter ego is Tony Stark and Bruce Banners alter ego is… well you know. It is truly amazing that I find that most people’s alter ego is being a Christian. Jesus Christ calls for the complete and total surrender of your life. Remember when the Pharisees were questioning Jesus in Matthew 22:36-40, and they asked him, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” and Jesus’ reply is quite interesting. In the context starting in verse 15 it says, “Then the Pharisees went and plotted how to entangle him in his words.” You see the Pharisees were not really interested in what Jesus had to say at all but they were hoping to find another reason to accuse Jesus. So Jesus answers their question about paying taxes to Caesar (21), which is immediately followed by the Sadducees who questioned Jesus about the resurrection (23-33). Once again leaving the crowd in “astonishment (33)” and “marveling (22)” as before Jesus continues listening to the Pharisees silly questions and finally ask him what is the greatest commandment (36)? Can you imagine what the Pharisees are thinking? Perhaps they must have thought finally we have trapped him! How will he be able to escape this? Well Jesus does not give them anyone of the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20 but He knew His Scripture and choose a passage from Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 4-6. Also known as the Shema or the command and hearing and Jesus replies, the greatest commandment is to, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (38).” The heart meant the entire person not the organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. The heart was known as the seat of physical life, that is to say you cannot live a day without Christ if you love him. I truly believe that the difference between one getting into heaven or not apart from repenting and believing in Christ is this commandment. This commandment is bound up with true belief in Christ. Christians do not have have alter egos. We are full time, fully committed all the time servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted”
Matthew 23:12


1500 miles away from home, a slightly unfamiliar place and a very tight budget can make you depend upon God more? It is interesting when I am home with my parents I am almost completely provided for by my parents (by the grace of God) but when I come down here I take on that role as a full time parent. I find that I am more dependent upon Him. Of course all life is dependent upon Him, every minute but what I am saying is, if this is the place where I know and feel closest to God then so be it. A place away from my family, and friends, and a farm then there is no other place that I want to be if it means that I can be closer to God. If God would plague me with 1000 diseases so that it would mean to be closer to Him then so be it. Who would not desire to give up their entire life to have a deeper relationship with God?

I have so many cool stories that I want to write but I have been really busy. I am heading back down to Texas really soon and I cannot wait! I just got back from San Diego for my brothers wedding which went absolutely perfect apart from the millions of things that went wrong. But I have been reading some other books since I got Christopher Hitchens Book “god is not Great” I will have my chapter by chapter review of that book but it is going to take me awhile because I am trying to finish up this massive bioagraphy on George Whitefeild written by Arnold Dallimore. I will also have my summer reading list that I did this year coming out soon too. Stay in touch and enjoy this beautiful song!

Enjoying God’s creation through Cycling

I have been on Strava for maybe two years or so and occasionally I’ll get back on and upload a few rides that I have been doing but here are the most recent ones on :

I love riding my bike and it is to bad that I need to sell it. The bike is on craigslist now at:  But I finally got to go out on an actual ride today and it reminded me of how beautiful mornings are in the hill country of Madison County. There is nothing like it and it really makes me reflect upon God’s beautiful creation. No wonder why Paul wrote in Romans that the people began to confuse the creation with the creator. How marvelous must the presence of our God be in light of the beautiful canvases He paints in the skies and land everyday.