William Lane Craig does it again!

If you are really interested in knowing the reasonableness of your faith then look no further. I also highly encourage all those who do not have answers to their difficult questions about their faith, the historicity of Jesus, the existence of God, et cetera, et cetera. William Lane Craig is like the John Calvin of his day, the George Whitefeild and John Wesley of their day, the Charles Spurgeon of his day, the Martin Loyd Jones. And even I dare say the apostle Paul in his day. Each of these men were anointed men of God appointed to deal with the challenges in their culture. Today our culture is no different really except with a set of new problems. Our Culture these days are of concerned with political correctness, science, and evidence as the only thing worth believing in. Dr. Craig reminds our generation that knowing God metaphysically is a rational establishment. In addition to giving deductive valid and sound reasoning for the belief in God. As well as inductively strong and cogent arguments. Please check out his site at Reasonable Faith.org. I was first introduced to Dr. Craig’s work when I graduated High School and to describe his impact on humanity,  he will certainly go down in history as one of the most significant contributors to Christian apologetics by the single fact (I believe) that God has blessed him extraordinarily. See if I am wrong.


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