A High Calling: A Medical Surgeon or a Preacher?

 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

James 3:1

Preaching and teaching is equally a danger as it is a blessing to be called by God to do. Perhaps for many reasons including one of which that is the danger of pride. In our culture today we usually categorize teachers as the ones who are above the students. The teachers are not only socially higher and more important then the student but because of their socioeconomic possession they are more valuable to society.

This may well be true and fine but this is not a Christian worldview and is not consistent with what the Bible teaches. Therefore, it should not be applied nor brought into the Church despite our inability to separate the secular from the House of God.

I hope this does not exist in any Church but preaching and teaching is not a call of attaining some higher status with God. The type of status measured by points on a graph or how big your congregation is. Preaching and teaching is a calling in which everyone who is called must understand that the people you preach and teach to are more significant then yourself. It is the point of knowing that in the Church those sitting in the pews will be elevated above the one who is preaching or teaching. A preacher does not preach, and a teacher does not teach because God will love them more and recognize their piety, they preach and teach because God has called them to preach and teach.

If anyone has this calling, it is a calling of knowing that God will humble you in the Kingdom of Heaven and exalt those who have humbled themselves on Earth. What about Jesus? It is not easy to compare sinners to one who had no sin, but despite the fact that Jesus was in fact God, in Philippians Paul wrote that Jesus did not count it equality with God even though he is God.

Lets look closer into the life of Jesus and see how he humbled himself and gave up all his rights. The King of Kings, and the Name above all Names, there is no Kingdom greater on earth, across the galaxy, and in Heaven that is greater then the one he left to step down from his high throne to become like the people he came to save. He even clothed himself in the same kind of humility it took to bear the worst punishment for a crime that he did not commit. Jesus was on the highest stage but he walked down and sat in lowest seat of the pews to become like the ones he was teaching and preaching to.

Preaching and teaching is a calling to come off the high horse, to leave the oval office, the big desk and to lead in a way that meets people where they are in order to win souls for Christ even if at the cost of your own life. Jesus saved all of mankind because he gave up his own life for criminals. That is the blessing of the calling.

The danger is underestimating the high calling. There is no calling on earth then to be a preacher or teacher of God’s Word because of the significance these people have in securing peoples soul eternally in Christ if one fails to preach the gospel completely and faithfully. A Chief Medical Surgeon has to take a seat in comparison to the calling and seriousness of being a preacher or teacher of God’s Holy Word. Surgeons give physical life; Preachers and Teachers by God’s grace give people eternal life.

This is the danger and if you are a teacher and preacher be encouraged. But if you pretend to be a teacher or preacher be afraid and do not step behind the context of a teacher or preacher until you recognize the seriousness of this calling. There is perhaps nothing more offensive to God then to abuse His own sacred Word that came down to us from the throne of God who is  Jesus incarnate (John 1). It is one thing that someone who does not believe in God abuse Jesus’ name however it is significantly worse if you are a Christian and then abuse the very authority in which you seek to elevate.





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