Proof for God!

This is just one of William Lane Craig’s argument for the existence of God. His argument is a cumulative argument so this does not prove necessarily that the Christian God exists. And that is not its point. The point is to take an atheist who believes that there is no such thing as God to the belief that there is at-least greater then 60% good inductive reasons to accept it’s rational.


One thought on “Proof for God!

  1. Please do not feel offended when I say 60% probability. I believe that we can be certain of God’s existence with a very high degree of probability at-least a 95% certainty. We are not justified by God by our knowledge of God but our faith. And so there leaves room for intellectual humility. But what does this mean in the world of argumentation. Logically speaking if an argument is not even 50% probabilistic it is not even worth consider its likelihood. If however there are strong, cogent inductive reasons to believe with a 60 percent or more probability then there is sufficient reason one can put their trust in the actual existence of something even if it can not completely prove with sound deductive reasoning. In laymen’s term would you not agree with me that taking an atheist to at-least accepting the probability of God’s existence to be better then him rejecting God entirely? We as Christian apologist can never bring one fully to the complete saving knowledge of Jesus Christ but we can remove barriers in their lives so they can see the cross more clearly.

    Love ya’all

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