Dying to Preach: Book Review

Dying to Preach: Book Review

It is unfortunate that this book is not getting as much attention as I think it deserves. Dr. Smith does an excellent job explaining the daily death that we as Pastors must submit ourselves to all throughout the preparation and delivery process. We are tempted everyday by the flesh but this book reminds us that as preachers we must always pick up our cross beam and carry to the hill of Golgotha while we are preaching. So that God would be the glory and not Josiah Durfee. This is why you need to read this book. You need to read this book because you have underestimated the high calling of what it means to be a preacher of the Sacred Word of God. As a result you have slacked off in your studying and you expect to much from to little preparation. This book unlike any other (except the Bible) will give you a perspective that is faithful to the text in the Bible of what it means to let God reign in you. This book is not necessarily a clear cookie cutter outline of how you should do your sermon exactly but it gives you the tools to sharpen your skills as a pastor and therefore a better preacher for the glory of God. This book has the potential of turning you into a better communicator of the Word of God with clear and concise application.

In addition to that the Bibliography is equally as great as the book itself. If for no other reasons though you do not buy this book then purchase it just because it is great theology.


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