George Whitefield: Book Review

George Whitefield: Arnold Dallimore

These two great volumes weighing in at 1200 pages and put together by Canadian Baptist Preacher Arnold Dallimore is perhaps the best work on George Whitefield. It is hard to imagine how any author could not keep their readers engaged all the way through George Whitefeild’s life because his life was absolutely extraordinary. George Whitefeild was primarily the man whom God used to work through during the great awakening. His life reminds us that it is possible to have an intimate devotion to God in our daily life despite life’s trails and difficulties. His devotion was unparalleled except by the great saints from the first century. He would read his Bible on his knees and pray over every word both in his sermon and the text that he was preaching. He was absolutely an evangelist and a contagious one at that too. He would preach in any pulpit that would take him and he drew crowds of over 20,000 people in the open air expounding the Word of God. There are few great men that God chooses to be observed as a star in the sky. George Whitefeild’s life may seem to be a far off but when we look to the stars of the great saints it must always aspire us to reach them.


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