Why Revival Tarries: Book Review


This book can be reviewed in light of a few different perspectives. One of those ways is the quality of writing. Before I get to the good news I want to start with the bad. Leonard Ravenhill is without a doubt a man called to awaken the sleeping church. That is a fact, but not through his writing. His style of writing is not clear, jumping from one thought to the next and he does not follow any structure of writing that I am familiar with. Metaphorically speaking this book is as confusing as throwing 5 jig-saw puzzle out on the ground and trying to guess what the picture is.

However, Leonard Ravenhill writes with an amazing ability that captures the consuming fire of a servant who is passionately in love with his Savior. Despite the books failure to deliver a cohesive thesis it really highlights what it means to be a Christian and perhaps that is because of the way he wrote the book. It is as if when Leonard Ravenhill was writing this book that he was so over joyed and excited about Christ that his thoughts just could not contain themselves so they came out in these beautiful constructed one liners and eye openers.

Everyone should read this book because today we have lost what it really means to be a Christian in the United States. Superman’s alter ego was Clark Kent. Batman’s alter ego was Bruce Wayne and many people in America’s alter ego is being a Christian. To many phonies in the Church use their alter ego to hide themselves from who they really are. People who are not really born again and people with no care in the world for Christ and his sheep. Leonard Ravenhill calls a spade a spade. You are in or you are out. If you call yourself a Christian then be a Christian.


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