Some Evangelism Fun!

These are some experiences that I wrote down after evangelizing to some people around my campus area during the fall semester. It is not very detailed but I thought I put it up anyways. The first little section is about a time where I was leading two younger women who were evangelizing for their first time. The second section is a compilation of one time I went out and talked to nearly 20 people.


My connection group down South at my Church, First Baptist Euless, started an evangelism Sunday ministry where after service and class we all go out and share the gospel to the houses and neighborhoods next to our Church. It is amazing despite the size of our Church, like the size of three football fields in square footage people just down the road have never heard of our place. Granted that the Church is situated right in between two really big cities of at least eight hundred thousand people together it is really not too surprising. We split into groups and my group was assigned a street and we were responsible to knock on every door there until we finished. Door after door we had little success. One after another each person was telling us that they were Buddhist. One door we knocked on I remembered an old woman coming to the door telling us that she attended a Presbyterian Church down the road. That was great news because between the Baptist and Presbyterians our doctrine is very similar. However, when we told her that we were Baptist, she said the funniest thing, “great I’m surrounded by Baptist.” To which we said nothing because she said it in a negative tone, we concluded things and then walk away. I said to the others with me long after the old woman had closed her door, “Well she was mistaken she’s actually surrounded by Buddhist.”


It was a Thursday afternoon sometime during the semester I left class convicted and determined by the teaching given by my professor in New Testament. I had to tell someone the Gospel, I usually share all my insights with my twin brother but that was not enough I needed to tell someone this good news that actually needed it. My brother is already a Christian and has been attending Southwestern for a while. I usually wait every Saturday to go out but for whatever reason it was like my feet grew a conscious and decided to make all the decisions and I left my conversation with my brother without telling him where or what I was doing because quite frankly this was a matter between God and I. With my non-glided paged Bible in hand (because people will run the other way if they see glided pages) I left and said I would talk to anyone I saw. The first group I ran into was a group of four who were playing basketball. I got their attention, introduced myself, and told them all about the gospel. These were younger gentleman who all claimed a stock in Catholicism but I could tell that they knew nothing of the saving power of Jesus Christ. I had one man’s attention pretty strongly, another wanted to make it more into a joke, and he was distracting the other two. I shared with them the gospel and asked if they wanted to make a profession of faith but they were not interested. I saw another gentleman filling up his car at the gas-station and I approached him and got his attention and as I was telling him what I was doing he immediately welcomed me and thanked me for doing what I was doing. He was a Christian. He gave me a few encouraging words then off I went. I talked to another two at a different gas station down the road who said they didn’t need Jesus and I could read the body language and their actual language and they didn’t want to talk anymore. I did run into another man who looked homeless less then a block down and I told him the entire gospel but like the basketball players he didn’t want any part in it. Up the road from there I did run into two more Catholics and with all Catholics I ask them the same question, “What must one do to get into heaven?” I always get the same answer back, something to the effect of; we have to be a good humanitarian and morally and ethically good. I point them to Ephesians where it says that we are not saved by works but by grace. For what it was worth I left these gentlemen with John 8:31 and that is Jesus’ true disciples abide in the Word. Walking down the road from there I saw a man in front of me walking pretty quickly but I picked up the speed into a light jog. I grabbed his attention before he ran off on me and recognized that he was trying to get somewhere quick so I just asked if I could walk with him. He said that was fine. I told him the entire gospel and he had a good response to it but there was no indication of a thorough work of grace in his life. His wife’s car actually ran out of gas down the road and I was glad to help them push the car into a parking lot and out of traffic. We continued our conversation, I cannot remember his questions but his family was not doing well financially and I walked with him and had the blessing to pay for his gas bill. He said he would seriously think about Christianity and what we said. I told him to read the Words of God himself in the Gospel of John. It was getting late, but I was not done, I talked to three other gentleman and one in particular could not understand the problem of pain and suffering and I explained it to him the best I could. His worldview was a blend of all these different ideologies. I could tell he knew nothing about them seriously but was more interested in challenging me but I could definitely see that he was struggling with something serious. I tried to untangle his worldview without offending him but it was of no use from what I could tell when I left him. 


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