Making Jesus More Real

We all know we do not evangelize enough and I think one problem is that we do not really believe that Jesus is real. It is also another reason why we do not pray as much as we should and saturate our time in our Bibles. I use to live at 101 Post Lane and that is a fact. I never have a problem telling anyone this reality in my life. One can observe it with their eyes and physically touch the structure and I’m sure there is some smell that is distinct about 101 Post lane. I’m never afraid to tell anyone this if they asked me where I lived, I say unashamedly and unconsciously, “101 Post Lane.”

The house is so real to me that I do not even think of ways to prove that it is true. I just say this is the house I lived at. I never studied the longitude or latitude of the house or where it is located geographically. I know the house is true because I lived there. I dwelled in it, and had my bed upstairs. I spent hours in that house knowing from personal experience that this house is a house.

My biggest obstacle is making Jesus more real to me each day. And one of the ways I encourage that and strengthen that weakness is dwelling in the Word of God. Think about what it would look like to rest in the scripture like we do before we go to bed. Imagine if we walked through the front doors of the Gospel every morning and talked to God like we do with our friends. Imagine if our minds were plugged into the fount of Jesus Christ and not the computer. The eyes fixed on the resurrection and not the T.V the voice shouting songs and hymns to God and not at each other. Dinner would be the most sacred time. A time to treasure and a time to remember. The best Word from God is prepared with the finest and sweetest songs of worship to offer up on the alter of our hearts.

Some people may disagree with me but I can assure you that what we are doing is clearly not working. Do you want a change in your life? Do you think that if you transferred all your time from the computer and television to the Word of God you would actually be doing what God has called you to do? I’m sure there are millions of hungry Christians out there who don’t want to change a thing in their life to satisfy it. Discipline the flesh and go to the closet to God for this holy anointing. Read God’s Word on your face, beg God to fill you. Jesus promises those who really, “hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled (Matt 5). Seek it diligently and fervently, press God until the floorboards begin to wear from under your knees and once you are filled press him again.


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