What would Screwtape say to this Generation?

My Dear Wormwood,

That is wonderful news to hear. That is the best news I have heard in over half a century. Soon Christians will think that the only relevant mission fields to engage in are the ones in the African Bush than the one in the schools. Granted I am not content with letting one soul go, but if one soul should escape our grips then I would choose the latter and not the former.

You see Wormwood, although the academic world represents a small minority of people they will lead the next generation. Their ability to spin intricate webs with their jargon, and ethos will persuade the people by the millions. We will continue to see a generation of poor Christian thinking flies that will suffer in our threads.

You know though almost all the school systems are corrupt now. The standard of high quality work has significantly decreased in the class room, teachers have become psychiatrist focusing on building up students self-esteem even if they are wrong! Remember that one professor who still passed his student. Thousands of graduates are walking across the stage feeling as though they are prepared to live in a world that they won’t even survive going out the back door.

Keep telling those Christians in that Seminary that discipline and study are too difficult. At every constant moment remind them how fickle their minds are at the shoreline of the ocean of information that we have thrown at them, thanks to the Internet. The Internet has not only proved to be a good distraction but it has made learning almost impossible.

I could not believe you told me people actually said, “Theology was irrelevant.” Soon people will say that Augustine is irrelevant, and once they have removed the memory of him, we shall ensnare another million in the false doctrine of modalism. Since we know that a wrong view of God leads to a wrong relationship with men. Consequently, creating great inner turmoil and argument in the Christian tent. However, this time we’ll also challenge them with the German Higher Criticism and make another million deny the inerrancy of Scripture again.

As always, be encouraged and do as Our Father Below would do. Fight well against the enemy, but remember to watch for the one he raises up to undo everything we worked so hard to accomplish.

Your Affectionate Uncle,


P.S. (Personal Note from the Author: No I did not enjoy writing this. Actually you might want to try, but it is painfully sad, because most of these evil thoughts come from my own imagination. This is mostly a reflection of my own inner turmoil, to which I need to be careful not to burden others with my own convictions, but I seriously don’t think they are far from the truth. I chose to write in this style to make a point I otherwise, might not have been able to make)

Character names, and style from: C.S. Lewis. The Screwtape Letters. (New York: HarperOne, 1942).


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